Walking down memory lane

So, yesterday was our 4th year wedding anniversary and I can't help digging some of our old photos. Mehn, I just love looking at old photographs. They will bring you laughter by making fun at each others physical appearance, at how different you look 4 or 5 years before. Then you felt glad you have those photographs to look back to and be reminded how far you have become, send silent prayers of thanks that with our dog-eat-dog society you found each other. Weathered so many storm together and you still have each other.

So, here are the photo collage from way back to our 1st year together, got married, move to a new city we've only seen in movies or pictures, 'till we have our own little family. Oh, don't fret, it's not that much. Promise. It's just 5 years worth of pictures. ;)

the early year. can you tell the DH likes to make face?

Did I tell you we got married a year after we officially become girlfriend-boyfriend? Yes, as in same date. And did I tell you he proposed just 2 months after he became my boyfriend? And yes, I said YES without batting an eyelash. Ha!

Moving to Singapore 

Living our new home and a bit of travelling. 

And we're finally 3. Our lives are never be the same again, it's getting crazier and happier. This little girl really had us at hello. 

Playing along here;


  1. Happy 4th Anniversary! I love looking back at old pictures. They bring back so many wonderful memories. You have such a beautiful family. Looks like life is complete for you! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary again! I always get sentimental when our anniversary comes around too...

  3. Hi (I'm new at the Kiddothings linkup) - I loved all your photos. You both look so compatible in all of them. How did you make the collages? I can't seem to find a collage maker online and would love to know. Thanks (-:

  4. Hi, thank you for visiting my site. I made my collages using picnik.com or for these particular collages I used picasa. You can download the free software from here, http://picasa.google.com/.

    Enjoy collage-ing! :)

  5. Thanks Barbara. Me too! I mean, it's really a challenge for going through another year of your marriage.

  6. Thank you for the sweet comment. I love your link up too, thanks for hosting. If vowed to take more photos just so I have something to share and link up in your blog. Haha!!!

    I love your blog too! The DH and I are talking about visiting KL come December, if it'll push through I hope I can send you an email on where to visit and eat especially it'll be our first time travelling with a toddler.

  7. I love all the pics of you guys! You are defintely meant for each other...happy 4 year anniversary!

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  9. Happy Sweet 4th Anniversary! You have great photos there! All put together in a lovely collage .....



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