Lately, being a mother

Life lately, being a mother to a toddler looks a little something like this:

I didn't take a lot of photos lately but thanks to good friends who took them for me, hello Tita Jhoe and Tito Mario.

Pictures 1 & 2: Hanging out at Starbucks. The girlfriend entertaining us with her fish face. And drinking her carrot juice.

Pictures 3 & 4: Tita Jhoe finally captured her downward dog, I tell you I'm raising a future yogi. This girlfriend has amazing body flexibility (oh well, yet again just like Daddy) and upper body strength. My little reader, I'm praying in God and to all the Saints that she will be a good reader and the passion in books she's showing now will never be lost as she grow up. That's The Catcher in the Rye she's flipping, btw. 

Pictures 5 & 6: I asked her to smile for me so I can take her photo so send to tadadi and this is the kind of face she give me, epic. Cam whoring before nap time. 

Pictures 7 & 8: While waiting for our chinese take out (yes, it's Din Tai Fung) I wear my fun mom hat and let the girlfriend ride that toy car and spend S$2 for the token. The down side? She did not want to get out from that toy car. Early morning (was that noon already?) and hanging out with Tita Kristy which I cropped her because she still have this morning face. Ha!Ha!Ha! Short story, when the little munchkin woke up on this day she utter the word "ptey" (pretty) and pointed at her headbands, meaning she wants to wear headband. Hence the headband on early morning and still in pj's.

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  1. Such great pictures. I think this age is the best so far.

  2. Oh she's a little fashionista already! Those are really precious moments - pretty much sums up life with a toddler!

  3. I love her downward dog pic! So funny! And my, Catcher in the Rye!? She's starting early! :P

  4. Awww looks like motherhood is being great to you!

  5. LifeAfterPiggieSmallsNovember 22, 2011 at 5:32 AM

    Looks like lots of fun, and your little girl is ADORABLE! Love all the pics, especially the one of you kissing her, so sweet :)



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