Making list

A Christmas wish list that is. Am I too early or late for this?  I may not  be getting a single item from this list come Christmas  time unless Santa will be generous to give. I'm not greedy a one or 2 from this list is more than enough to make me happy.

Generous soul out there, take this post as my humble hint on what to get me, after all I'm sparing you the trouble of thinking on what to give me, right?

Here are the item/s I want to see on my stocking come Christmas day.

It doesn't need to be Marc Jacob watch, any brand of mens gold watch will do. 

Oh, this skirt is so ME. I can already imagine myself wearing this, a plain white tank top or maybe a button down top in denim. But this skirt is so expensive that I can only lust on this.

I love hand creams especially if they smell shea butter, cocoa, or vanilla. Really, those 3 scents I couldn't resist. I never fail to sleep with out lathering some hand cream as if a good smelling hand will help me put in a good night sleep. And I washed my hands with soap and water and alcohol after like more than an average person do so moisturizing my hand after is a must to prevent it from to much dryness. Any hand cream will really do as long as the scent is either on that 3 scents mentioned above. 

A mom planner in Antique. You can order here. If you know me I'm a hoarder of anything paper and being a wife and mother, me thinks I need this.

Told you I'm a hoarder of anything paper, book included. Oh, how I want to own this book by Kate Spade. Not that I'm not yet living a colorful life, it's colorful I'm going blind. But I'm sold to what Kate  Spade said about this book.
"We're excited to present our spirited new series, the guide to living colorfully, written to cover every facet of well-lived life. From where to stay in Morocco to picking the perfect red lipstick to choosing conversation pieces for your living room, we've curated a collection of ways to think, travel, dress, celebrate, decorate and charm colorfully, accented by the graphic artwork of illustrators darling clementine." - kate spade
Now if you are not sold by that I don't what make you will. Plus this books is only $35.

So you're not yet convinced that I fancy anything paper? Here's another one. A special edition of Vogue Best Dressed. I really, really want to have this magazine. Period. 

Moving to what I think need as a Domestic Engineer. 

It's a 16-speed blender, baby. It will make my smoothie well more smooth. I can grind, chopped, and crushed some ice in it. In short it will make my domesticated life a lot easier. Now, do I need to say more why I want to have this?

And now for some serious Anthropologie lusting. 

If only I have a good oven I must have baked like mad. Don't you just love that measuring spoon? The safety pin makes it more prettier. 

And what's a measuring spoon without a measuring cups. Seriously, these measuring cups are too pretty that I don't intend to use them as a measuring cups but maybe as a holder of my little collection of baubles.

I want to go to Paris and eat Parisian food but I don't have moolah yet to fly to Paris so the cheapest I can do right to have a taste of Paris and its food is to cook it. Don't you just love the cover design of this book? And trust me any thing with love story word in it I'm sold. ;)

Insert some idiosyncrasy revelation here. I don't like a messy bed. I always made-up my bed right after I get up, never mind if my little girl will just mess it after 5 minutes I will just do it all over again. At some point in my life (back when I was single and sleeping alone) I will get up in the middle of the night just to make my bed because I felt that the sheet was slipping. Is there anybody in here have done that? Please say yes so I will feel I'm just normal. :D Anyway, as I was saying I love bedding and I don't like the plain white (it's too boring for my liking), I want mine with colors. I'd like to add I want higher thread counts but I can't afford that. So a crisp, may it be lower thread counts, with colors and nice design is OK with me. But if I have some moolah and a generous santa I would love to have any of these bedding. 

It seems I have pretty long list here, a girl can dream, right? Right. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to sleep now and dream that my bedding is in any of that photo above but before that I have to lather some hand cream first. 

Happy weekend and a belated happy Thanksgiving to my American friends here. 


  1. I need help making my Christmas list...maybe I will still some of your ideas!

  2. Nice list! Your taste is very Bohemian, I love it! :)

  3. How fun! I need to start working on my list!

  4. I'm in love with those measuring spoons! Great list. Hope you get some of what you wish for :)



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