bits and pieces

Our life lately through photographs.

The daddy has to work from home so girlfriend and I went outside for a little play date and since it's pouring that day we headed to Changi T3, yes, it's an airport with indoor playground. Cool.

Last Saturday I cooked the yummiest seafood dish I ever cooked to date, salted crab and prawn. You want a recipe? Let me know. Trust me this is sooo good, it made my tongue danced all night. 

Library date. Cheap. Fun. 

A baby lives here. Pillows, magazines on the floor and even take over the computer. Adding a 15 month old baby who never stay put this house will probably always be a little bit messy. 

One last pic for the night. :) Playing with her giant elephant. 

Sunday is mall day. Orchard road is so beautiful this time of the year with all the Christmas decor in the street and giant Christmas tree inside the mall. These photos are taken inside the Takashimaya mall with their giant tree in the background. But as beautiful as Orchard road during Christmas season it gets very crowded so I rarely went there.

Well that's all there is for now. Hope you had a fun weekend. 


  1. Seriously I thought that plate of prawns and crab was from a restaurant. Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. Looks like you and your little girl are having tons of fun!



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