15 Months

My little girlfriend turned 15 months a few days ago but because life had to take over I totally forget about writing something for her.

Wow. I can't believe girlfriend that you are 15 months now and the next thing I'll know you'll be 2. Oh, please don't grow up too fast babe. I can't say that 15 months is my favourite months because you've been throwing tantrums (terrible one) here and there with no reason at all. But aside from that I love, love how you really becoming my little girlfriend. I love your sweetness, your wet kisses every morning or at the middle of the night. I love how your becoming "musically inclined", you stand right away and hold my hand every time you heard a music your cue that you want to dance. I absolutely love how you becoming a talker, babbling and trying to follow the word I tell you. But most of all I love how your becoming like daddy every single day, your face and silliness.

Sweet girl, I love you so much more than I can tell you and show you. Thank you for giving us so much joy.

I love you SOBRAH!

Of course, joining the fun over at Kiddothings and Zook Book Nook.


  1. She is adorable! Happy 15 months!

  2. She is such a cutie...they grow so fast don't they?

  3. I like that you refer to her as your girlfriend :) Happy 15 months! She's growing up fast and lovely! :)

  4. happy 15th month to your little girlfriend! hey we should go on a playdate at amazonia...when our scheds permit =)



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