17 months

Indigo love,

Today you turn 17 months, how time fly so fast. I miss your baby smell, the hairless head, the toothless smiles, and everything about there is when you are just a baby. But saying that, I love all there is about your walks to toddler hood too. I love that I can make small talks to you now because you can understand me. I love how you pull me up every time you hear a dance beat because you want us to dance. I love that I can share my food to you now, just like today we are sharing a piece of orange and you liked it and kept asking for more every time you finished your own wedge. I love that you are wild and daring, it is so scary and exciting to watch. Will you always be so brave? Lovingly reckless? I love how you say "abu" (love you) right after you give me a kiss. You are such a delight to watch my happy spirited little girl.

As you grow older I'm seeing so much of your daddy in you, just like what I prayed for. But I'm seeing so much that is just you too, perfect in every way- loving, sweet, ever so curious,ever beautiful.

To have you might be one of God's joke on us but I want you to know that you are the best joke ever given to us and the funniest one ever. Your daddy and I love you SOBRAH!


  1. Happy 17 months to your beautiful little girl!

  2. Awww happy 17 months to your sweet little girl!

  3. Aww your post gave me watery eyes! Happy 17 months to your little angel, they definitely grow up too fast.



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