2012 guide

This list/poster pretty sums up what I want my 2012 to be.

Note worthy.
*I'd like to replace the drink coffee to drink more tea and water.
*I have read 2 books already though I haven't finish the 2 books yet, it still counts, right?
* If only I discovered my passion for cooking earlier I wouldn't have wasted my time studying literature, media, and some units in psychology. Arm with my recipe books I'll just have to practice, learn (more) cooking on my own. Practice... practice... practice. I'd love to enroll myself in culinary though and learn the technical. One day.
*Topping my list is spending more time with my daughter and not in front of my computer. Over at e tell tales, one of her reader wrote it best and I'd like to quote, "I want to quit ignoring my baby to get on the internet. Ten years from now I'm going to kick myself because my little blog will still be little, but my baby will be grown and I'll have missed it." I really don't want that to happen to myself. I'm thankful I'm in the boondocks right now where there's slow and intermittent internet connection. I have more time to be outdoor with my daughter, reading, and playtime with her. If only I can have my 2 worlds right now I will make this year as their year but will just make up for the "tadadi" time once we go back to civilization. Haha

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