little letters

Dear Reese's

My thigh loathe you. You are just a moment in my lips but will be forever in my hips.

Dear girlfriend,

You are (super) extra clingy today, whiny, throwing fits all day. But still I love you to the moon and back. And one smile will make this momma OK and energize.

Dear DH,

I miss you and I miss having my 2 worlds together. I love the love you both shared and the way my heart jumps with excitement every time I witness it.

Dear tate,

Happy 31st birthday. I pray for your happiness and good health. Today, all I wish is to be with you. Maybe an hour or two to just sit down, talk, and have a cup of tea for me and a cup... no a grande of coffee for you. Happy birthday. I miss you, I miss having my best friend around. I love you mommy tats. 

Dear choice of movie tonight,

Please don't get busted on me and leave me hanging in the middle and I end up not getting a good night sleep because I was tossing and turning, gazing at the ceiling and figuring out how the Step 3 ends even half of the movie I've seen was just a crap. But I'm not saying I didn't enjoyed all the dancing scenes. 

Dear self,

You may take a bath now, it's almost 9 effing PM. 


  1. Oh Reese's...they will be the death of me!

  2. Mmmm Reese'!

  3. Hah! Love the little letters, especially the one to Reese's



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