2012 prayer

Dear God,

Looking back at what my 2011 looks like makes me want to cry.
We have battled a lot through that year, health and financial.
It was an ugly and beautiful year.
But I am grateful for all those ugly things.
I am grateful for choosing me to carry this burden.
I may only have seen a glimpse of what you have done for me,
and probably will never see it all.
I would like to say I have learned a lot from the past year;
patience, humility, contentment but in all honesty I didn't.
I have been whiney, sad, on the verge of depression.
I felt alone and rejected most of the time.
But You reminded me of your protection, your love, your presence,
and your grace-
Through the brown and happy eyes of my daughter.
You give me stength through the hugs of my DH.
You showed me your presence through the laughters of people who have known
me since birth.
You are here with me. ALWAYS. Never forsaken me.

God, may this year bring prosperity. Good health for my entire family.
May this year be filled with happiness, simple and grandiose happiness.
May you give me more strength so I can be a better daughter, sister, wife and mother.
That I may become a good example to my daughter.
And may the plans I have for myself coincide the plans you have for me.


  1. I hope your prayer is answered! It is just lovely. Happy 2012!

  2. May God answer your prayer for 2012. Here's me wishing you a good year ahead! :)



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