mom on the run...way

ever since becoming a mother, my daughter has become a great influence in my life especially in dressing up. when I'm out with her I often dress up in the most comfortable clothes and shoes I own, I cannot wear high heels  for the life of me when we are out and about. I mean as clumsy as I am I couldn't risk tripping down especially not when I'm carrying my daughter.

if there's one color I'm lusting right now or would like to add in my wardrobe that would be CORAL. That color is fresh and will take you from summer to winter. And with a touch of turquoise one can never go wrong.

so here's a wardrobe inspiration with my favourite shade as of late and would most likely and gladly wear when I'm out on the run with my little monster.

Also, since becoming a mom my bag will often end up a baby bag too. Oh, well, that's motherhood for you. And I may or may not have a silly bandz, go figure. 


  1. coral and turquoise work perfectly together :) xx

  2. that bag is amazing! xx

  3. I love coral and turquoise together! And between getting prego and a few months ago I also wasn't able to wear high heels. They just looked painful all the time. And they are sometimes, but I'm in love w them once again :-)
    Work your mommy runway girl!

  4. Love the colour combinations here! Lovely for summer

  5. Cute look! Love the dress and sandals!


  6. Perfect outfit! Love the color combo~Angie @

  7. Coral and aqua is one of my favorite color combinations! I love the tote bag you included :)



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