that ripped jeans

I'm hitting two birds here. First, I've been crushing on a ripped jeans as of late. Second, Rachel Bilson is one of my girl crush. I just love how she dressed up and carry her clothes, though she's petite (like moi, ahem) she looks beautiful even in jeans and shorts.

This weeks challenge over at Long Distance Loving is outfit crush or as I prefer to call it steal her style. So whose better person to copy? Racheld Bilson, no less. And when I saw this photo of her I just know what to do for this weeks challenge- to finally make a set out of ripped/distressed jeans (at least to satisfy my craving, ha!) channeling Rachel Bilson.

I admit there's nothing special about this outfit, it's only jeans and white shirt but I absolutely love white shirt in absolutely anything; skirt, in shorts, or in jeans. If I can I would wear white shirt everyday but then my husband and daughter might die of boredom looking at me daily with that outfit. 

Do you like wearing white shirt? And are you obsessing on ripped jeans too?

Happy weekend! 


  1. Nice look. I think I gravitate to this look in my own life! Nice to stop in to say hi. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The perfect casual outfit! I loveeee Rachel Bilson's style! Thanks for stopping by my blog... Love yours! Following you now :)

  3. I totally agree, the casual looks aren't stunning but they're my fav! This outfit looks perfect for the everyday gals like us!

    Great job :)

  4. Sometimes jeans and a white t-shirt is just the perfect way to go~my kind of look! Angie

  5. Such a cool outfit for summer. I have never been a fan of ripped jeans, but it looks great in your outfit today! I would love if you could stop by and enter my pearl earring giveaway on the blog! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Twirling Clare

  6. I love that look! Thanks for linking up today!!!! Have a great night...oh by the way, I'm having a Swimspot giveaway for $50 credit to their store, make sure you enter if you haven't already!

    AND...all ads are 50% off on my blog until tomorrow evening!!! Use promo code: vacation

    Kori xoxo



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