little letters

I'm linking up with Ashley of adventures of newlyweds for her friday's letters link up.


here we go...

Dear Indigo, 

Are you sure you're just 23 months old? Because the way I see these photos you look like 23 years old. 23 months going 23 years old?! 

Dear best friend,

This photo cracks me up yesterday. Are you really exercising? I can't believe this photo. Now, I'm curious on what you did after. Did you crawl your way to bed after and take a long nap? Haha

Dear Cotton on kids,

thank you for your crazy sale! I mean this dress for S $5?! Seriously? Trust me the moment I saw this on the rack I had my hand grabbing it. Wait 'till you see my little girl rocking this dress. 

Dear little girl,

let's make this last month before you turn two a fun one, shall we? With minimum melt down, drama, and tantrums.

Dear Susan (ava graces closet),

I know you've been referring your purchases there in FL as steal because of their crazy prices. I got this chambray skirt yesterday at Cotton On for $2 and that's singapore dollar you know. With its price is it a steal in your book or charity? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. OMG!!! I just want to eat her up!!! Can she come stay with us?!? Happy weekend!

  2. LOL!!!!
    Jeands, now THAT'S what I call a STEAL!!! And I love it too. So cute.
    You made my day.

  3. AHhh!!! I LOVE Cotton On! I'm thankful for their ADULT sale too! Hehe! And that dress you have for your friday's fancies is adorable! There is definitely a lot of watermelon inspiration going around today (including on my blog) But your dress is my favorite!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, your daughter is too cute! Love those first couple pictures!!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. i have that skirt from cotton on too! love that place!

    have a great weekend! come say hello at



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