these days

initially the title of this post is over the weekend but while scanning the photos that I'll be posting I noticed that there were photos taken las thursday. so, change it to these days instead... there goes the birth story of this post. Ha!

anyway, these days our life pretty looks like this...
apology for a butt load of pictures, if you know me then you know that I'm not good in narrowing down pictures. 

thursday. we went out to have lunch and a little play at Ikea. then we went shopping and that's when I scored these lovely pieces found here.

this girl love chicken wings! | she can't put down that damn chicken wings. Haha | chickin wings and meatballs in Ikea is love. | still holding that chicken wings, ice cream smudge, and the infamous "stupid" face. 

then we had dinner at Nando's with our friends. I know, chicken again but Nando's peri peri chicken is so delicious to resist. 

DH and I | us 3 | our dinner mates that night | little girl and peri peri chicken. 

friday. we head out to meet daddy and had dinner with the same bunch of friends from thursday, this time we had dinner at ajisen. a little shopping again at cotton on kids, i tell you that place is awesome. I scored the prettiest, cutest, cheapest skirt for my daughter. like this one but in pink. tell me, at S$5 would you think twice? 
dinner at ajisen | my little butterfly | beer and chips will be the death of me. 

saturday. we went out late in the afternoon to attend a barbecue/farewell party of DH officemate. 

barbecue | the beach.
photo session with my favourite girl. 

with tita vivian (isn't she pretty?) and that "stupid" face again. Haha

sunday. was spent at the mall with tita chris, who bought the little one her first doll, toy pram and feeding set! tita chris also got her bubbles, lucky girl! the little girl is so pleased with her new toy but the adults are not. Haha!!! I tell you we all wanted to burn that stupid stroller toy because the little girl can't stop pushing and playing with it while still inside the mall and we practically caused traffic and that being sunday the mall was jam packed with shopper! But we can't stop laughing while watching the little girl and at the same time cursing for buying and showing it to her that instant. Haha!!! 

waiting for mommy to get dress | pushing her toy pram. 

enjoying the water. please ignore the fact that little girl's underwear is torn. I didn't notice it until I saw this picture. and please don't judge. Hahaha!!!

p.s. some photos are cheekily stolen from my friends facebook, thank you Ninang Chris, Ninong Aji and Tita Vivian. *wink. 

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  1. How fun!! You always have the most fun weekends and take the cutest pictures! So glad you enjoyed yourself :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. You life lately looks like A LOT of fun!!

  3. All those pictures made me so hungry!! Looks like such a great time!!

  4. What a beautiful family :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. Love your pictures! They are so cute! I love it when people take a lot of pictures because it feels like I get to know them so much better! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  6. Omg, so cuuuute <3 amazing photos <3

  7. I just want to eat her up!!! And it looks like you guys at well....very well this weekend! A girl after my own heart! Have a GREAT week!!

  8. Looks like you had a fun weekend! New Follower!

  9. I love how sassy she looks while waiting for you!

  10. You guys are such a beautiful family!!

  11. Yall had a busy few days! I love your little one's funny face, so cute!

  12. That chicken looks so delicious! Yum! And you ladies are always too cute!



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