fit to a tee

back in the days I despise wearing a t-shirt. Not just I don't look good in them (I was a lanky lass,fyi) but because it's not girly enough. fast forward to now, as in post baby I live in t-shirt. Like I almost wear them everyday. T-shirt can hide the extra bulge that has been appearing after giving birth. And then lucky for me or shall I say thank God for accessories I made wearing a t-shirt girly enough (or as what the DH calls madame) for my liking. Yey!

anyway, how do I wear a t-shirt? let me count the ways, in 3 ways to be precise.

disclaimer, i don't have any of these pieces except for the white t-shirt (not in this brand) but I'm wishing I have all of it though. oh yes, this is fancy friday's.

happy weekend!

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  1. the pink outfit is my favorite - i love the shorts!

    - lauren

  2. I really like those bright pants.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. It would all work in my closet. Love the shoes!

  4. Great round up!!! I still have problems just wearing a simple tee...but you have given me inspiration!! ;)
    Happy weekend!

  5. Some times you just need a good plain white T! It goes with just about anything!

  6. Yes, I would totally wear each one of these! LOVE

  7. Love all of your outfits you put together! Have a great weekend!

  8. All great looks! I love those pink shorts!! Happy Weekend!

  9. love how you showed the different ways of styling :D




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