weekend tidbits

spending the weekend with friends, a bit of shopping, and shoving ourselves with food makes up our weekend.

contrary to my last week weekend recap post this time I won't flood you with photos (I will reserve that with another post. Hehe).

saturday. we went  to a nearby island here in Singapore, pulau ubin.

the beachfront. | friends 

spot the difference | tired and sleeping

me in the jungle

more photos in the next post. stay tuned.

sunday. we went to ikea to have their famous chicken wings and meatballs. shopping at cotton on where I scored another S$5 shirt! love it! no pictures this time, too hungry and excited to shop to take pictures. 

but I have this.

out and about, waiting for the train. i know, that goofy face again. 

a wonderful weekend that was. how was your weekend? I hope it involved some friends, shopping, and friends too. 

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  1. That looks like a great place. It definitely sounds like you are keeping yourself busy.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Indigo is so adorable! Lovely photos

  4. Goofy? Nah! Adorable? Definitely :)

  5. So cute! Looks like you had an amazing Saturday! Popping over from Weekend Update.

  6. Every single time I see that kissy face I just melt!!! What an amazing weekend!! Cheers to a super week!

  7. What a sweet face!! Goodness. <3 Stopping by from the weekend update :)

  8. She is such a ham for the camera! Your Ikea has chicken wings? What?

  9. Your daughter has the BEST poses lol! And that sunset pic is stunning - so pretty!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  10. Gorgeous photos! I wish I was in the jungle! I used to make that same face (sometimes I still do it). We would call it "the scrunchy face"!

  11. What a fun weekend. You guys make an adorable family!

  12. Still looks like an amazing weekend!



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