these days...

apology for the sporadic post as of late. hello terrible twos, teething (the last one and we'll be on break for the time being from this evil), fever, and as if that's not enough the little girl develop some skin rashes/ infections too! and did I mentioned I lost our house help/ "part time" nanny (par time because I'm the full time nanny, of course)? ergo, being in front of the computer, taking pictures are limited these days. also, this momma is sleep deprived for the last couple days. seriously, motherhood for the win!

anyway, these days our lives look a lot like this.

thankfully last sunday I manage an early morning run, an uphill run! believe me I almost died! haha but nonetheless it was what I needed. 

a surprise and unexpected gift from one of DH best friends Lette of Pinayscribbles. Oh, yes that pretty diamond earrings there came all the way from Belgium! love, love, love it and can't wait to wear it. | playdate with cousin. 

i know it's her "stupid" face again and you're all probably sick of looking at that face. 

tomorrow is shall i say in 28 minutes I'll be 31 years old! yay! hopefully I will have time to blog.


  1. Awww isn't she such a cutie! Happy birthday girl ahve a great one!

  2. She is adorable, and I love those scenery pics! Happy bday girly. I hope you have a blast today!

  3. I loved all of the pictures, and those earrings - wow! Happy early birthday!!

  4. Those earrings are stunning! And I would never tire of seeing that funny face. So sweet!



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