christmas wish list

dear dh,

it's exactly 50 days more to go before christmas and though we are excited seeing you soon, tababs and i are excited for our gifts too. since you already know what to get for tababs i will make it easier for you too on what to give me for christmas, you know, i care for you so much like that. :)

so here's my list... my "realistic" wish list. i know, you already give me my macbook pro but it's always nice to have "something" to open during christmas, right? i get it from you.

1. amazon kindle. believe me, dh i really need one. :) i can't read with my mac and books are expensive and can only add clutter. you can ask chris where to buy for a cheaper deal or i can send you link. just tell me. :)

2. nike running shoes. it has to be nike, right? my 6 year old running shoes, you know the one we both buy when we are still boyfriend-girlfriend is already in shoe heaven. and i can't run and do the insanity workout without shoes. aaand you deserve a sexy wife so i need this. 

3. shu eumura lash curler. dh, this the holy grail of lash curler and knowing you, you always want the best out there. and because you don't only deserve a sexy wife but a pretty wife too. you can buy this in sephora or in shu eumura shop in ion orchard. or a much lesser deal you can buy it in duty free on your way here in cebu. 

4. nike bra. again it has to be nike, right? because you really thought me well. this one if for my 2 best friends, you know while doing the insanity, running, and hopefully yoga as i already downloaded some yoga videos too. my 31 year old body need some serous stretching and proper protection. 

5. earphones. how cute is this earphones, my love! i know it's skull and i'm not really into skull but again you've influenced me. but really you can get me any earphones just as long as it has a nice sounds and works perfectly. you've seen the condition of my current earphones so you must admit that i really need one. 

6. yoga mat. this one dh is the least i needed, i can get this myself but because i know if you're the one to give me this it would be nicer and "expensive" than what i will get myself. hehehe

you see, i really did make it easier for you. you can give me one, two, or three because i know you love me.




  1. Great list! I haven't even begun to think about Christmas yet.

  2. This is so funny and a great list Jeands! Ha. Love those skull headphones...need to find a pair for Izzy, she would love them.

  3. Great list, way to make it easy on him ;)



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