what indigo wore (trick or treat)

customised dress by my trusted mananahi (seamstress) | shoes: mall find, painted in orange | hair: red ribbon which i already have.

my indigo was sailor venus (one of the sailor moon). i had it customised because for the life of me i don't own a sewing machine and don't know how to use either. good thing i'm in cebu right now where i have my trusted seamstress and it's cheap to customised here. 

hopefully next year i can already let her wear a red riding hood (my first option) costume, meaning she won't take off the cape and the hood or anything i'll put in her head. or maybe she will be a pirate next year, i know the daddy will like it so much. 

tell me, isn't she the cutest? :D 



  1. She is THE cutest! Love the costume.

  2. She is adorable! I love the Sailor Venus costume and how fun that you had it custom made!

  3. I can't stand all of the cuteness! She is so adorable in her costume!

  4. I hope she had a great time trick or treating! So cute!



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