my style

my style is always classic and clean. you can never let me wear nor pull off a boho, rocker chic, or a goth look. even my style pegs are audrey hepburn, jane birkin, and olivia palermo. if only i have closet like them but i don't, i'm just an ordinary girl who dress ordinarily. anyways, you get the drift. i'm that girl who will choose to wear a trusty shift dress over an acid wash jeans. or the girl who will always have a soft spot for pearl earrings and big/chunky necklaces.

more often than not i always chose to wear comfortable pieces, something i can breath and run around to chase my toddler. my dh even coined my style as "madame" look.

so most days you will see me wearing like these... though not necessarily in this brand. (:

always a staple; shift dress, shorts, button down, maxi skirt, flowy tops, and flat shoes. 

what's your style? do you dress for yourself or the man in your life? 

happy weekend! 

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