she said...

after she rummage my stash of lotions, rub some on her hands, her legs and on her hair she said "picture indi, meme. please?"

so i oblige...

one picture and she said "'gen (again), 'gen, 'gen..."

who am i to say no.

so, more pictures i took.

the three pictures that are not blurry. 

do you guys think i'm raising a vain child? 


while we are in bed and putting her to sleep. she said " massage indi, meme. please?"

so again i oblige.

after 15 minutes or so of massaging her head, hands and feet i stopped. of course she complain and said "more, meme. please? massage ears indi, meme" 

i massage her again. 2 minutes after i said enough already as my hands are starting to get hurt. she then grabbed both my hands kissed it, kissed my lips, hugged me and said "i love you, meme. massage indi 'gen".

as we speak i'm not only her mother, nanny, personal assistant but her personal masseuse. multi tasking people, multi task.


  1. This makes me feel better. My son is the same way!

  2. AHAHAHA i wonder what dramas will pixie do when she grows up like indi :) im exciteeeeeed much! hahaha

    misho guys!

  3. Hey the girl knows what she wants! :)



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