when your brother laugh at you when you told him that your laptop will snooze every morning when you turn it on reminding you on what tv series you have to download that day, you know something is really wrong. or when your best friend laugh and called you crazy because you ask her to print a weekly calendar because you want to write down the tv shows you need to download just in case you forget something as if the snooze is still not enough.

my name is jeands and i'm a tv addict. not really a tv per se but tv series. and because i live in other side of the world i have to download it and watch it in my computer. do you still call it tv addict? i'm not a watching it via tv. do i make sense?

whatever. so, you ask what series i've been watching?

here's my list.

1. revenge
2. how i met your mother
3. 2 broke girls
4. gossip girl
5. hart of dixie
6. glee
7. scandal
8. the mindy project
9. new girl
10. vampire diaries
11. beauty and the beast
12. happy endings
13. modern family
14. once upon a time
15. walking dead
16. 666 park avenue
17. last resort
18. game of thrones (season break)
19. teen wolf (season break)
20. awkward (season break)
21. drop dead diva (season break, not sure if there'll be a new season)
22. jane by design (season break)

and as if those are not enough i'm catching up on...
1. parenthood
2. arrow
3. homeland

so what do you think?

please don't judge i still read books, feed and take care of my daughter but that explains my lack of blogging. ya' know you can't do it all.

now, if you'll excuse me i'm off to watch hart of dixie.

linking up with shana because this post is totally random.


  1. LOL!!! Love this!!! You crack me up. I am a little sad that you don't have X factor on your list! That is actually the ONLY show I do watch!!! Thanks a million for linking up!!! xoxo

  2. I am sooooo glad I am not the only that watches beauty and the beast ;-)
    Found you via the linkup and following.

  3. This is too funny. I have to download them too, but I have yet to set up reminders. ;)



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