that's what she said...

meme: indigo, let's take a bath now.
indigo: no, thanks!

meme: indigo, time for your breakfast. come here let's eat.
indigo: no, thanks!

meme: indigo, come here already, lie down and close your eyes. time for your nap.
indigo: no, thanks!

looks like her favourite words today are "no, thanks!" am i already doomed?

but of course i win. she has taken her bath, eat her meals, and lastly she's taking a nap as we speak. hence, the blog post. yay!

i'm not telling but it may or may not involve a little bribing. sue me!

here she is insisting me to tie her hair and wearing my grandmother's sunglasses, yes that's vintage. 


  1. Well, at least she is polite and say thank you. You've got to give her points for that.

  2. i know, at least she's being polite and was using the right context. i was holding myself not to laugh when she answers me.



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