beach babe

the photo above reminds me that change is the only constant thing in this world, i may sound deep (ha!) but truth is the past 13 months my little girl has changed. from the girl who doesn't like the beach, or walking in the sands and would scream dirty when we try to put her down to becoming the little girl on the right... the girl who up to now (3 weeks after we had our beach weekend) still talks about "indi, swim beach! or indi played beach toys". 

my little girl is becoming a beach babe.

yes, change is constant but as of this case i welcome this kind of change. 


  1. Hey that's a great change...I want to be a beach babe!

  2. She's so cute! I hope she's a beach babe since she lives in an island! How is it in Cebu? Did the typhoon hit bad?

  3. OMG! She changed so much! So, so cute!

  4. CUTEST little thing *ever*!!! Those suits kill me! (c:



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