sing cause you don't know how to say it

my wednesday in randomness.

our day started with playing some rubber bands, we call it in Cebuano dialect as"dampa"

it has not been a good day for me and the little one, her being sick and me being "emotionally unstable" (i don't have the exact term but let us just call it like that, shall we?) and a drama queen. in short, not really my good day. 

and this song is the perfect cure for my "emotionally unstable" state. 

my favourite lines in this song are... 

sing cause you don't know how to say it 
take the weakest thing in you 
and then beat the bastards with it
and always hold on when you get love 
so you can let go when you give it

i have been warned that IG can be addicting, well, yes it is! i'm hooked! checking constantly for feeds. seriously, it's worst than twitter (for me).

wanna see what i have been posting? 

this girl... 

and us of course...

even this one...

told you i'm IG addict now. those are my night time essentials, btw for my overly dry feet. 

to say the least, i guess this video fits me...

do you fellow instagrammers see yourself too? 

what better way to end up my not so good day? 

wade kinsella, of course. 

i love, love the latest episode! it makes me giddy like a high school girl who was out on a first date with her crush. Haha!!! 

do you guys watch hart of dixie? or is it just me? 

i feel better now. 

oh, if in case you wanna see my daily feeds via IG, follow me i'm jeandslq

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  1. Big hugs. I hope your day gets better.

  2. Awww I hate seeing sick kiddos...hope she's better soon...and I do love these photos!

  3. Hope everyone is better by now!! Sorry I have been MIA this week. I am an IG addict too! So fun!!! Thanks a million for linking up!!

  4. LOVE hart of dixie! I too feel like a school girl lol :)



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