still life. 7/52

the best things in life are unseen. 

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"


motherhood is hard and tricky. it's not something that you will just learn overnight. there's no formula that you can memorise, a procedure you can follow to a T. but over the course of 2 years that i'm  mothering to this beautiful soul i've learn (gradually) to just let go, decide what is important. to choose which battles to take in the case of rearing this feisty, opinionated toddler. if she wants popcorn for lunch so be it, she'll eat a decent meal if she's hungry. if she wants to wear a shorts under her dress and wear another top on top of the dress by all means she can. choosing which battle to take, right? but as someone who is a control freak, with type A personality as I am, it's no easy feat. really. 

motherhood is hard but i'm learning my groove. i have the best 2 year old teacher. amazing how this girl teaches me to breath in, breath out, and to just laugh. to close my eyes because the best things in life are unseen. 

as for now the only battle we are facing and trying to win is our paradise cove, damn those pirates!  



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