still life. my happiness

this might be another random or bits and pieces post but i'd like to call it my happiness.

this face.

or this.

this person, my first love.

oh yeah, he has that silly face too. 

of course there's bedtime. 

a pot of japanese tea to enjoy once the little one above is down. 

my new haircut. 

oh my, this one. 

only a week of using this but already falling madly in love. 

and then afternoon especially if it involves some bike teaching. i know she's still wee too small for this and she's not wearing any safety gear. i know, incredibly dangerous but incredibly fun. 

what made you happy recently?

linking up with Shanna and Savannah


  1. Ahh my post today was also a totally random photo dump...but when kids are as cute as yours and mine, who cares?! Happily following along from the hop!

    noel @ high heeled mama

  2. This face makes me happy too!!! And you look so pretty in the one of yourself!!! Love the new blog!! Looks fab! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Awww! She's so cute. And I'm loving the new 'do! xox

  4. all wonderful things to make us smile!



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