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I have a very garrulous 2 year old. Most of the time what she said leaves me laughing hard. Here's a little something of what she's been saying lately. 

(earlier today)

meme: indigo, can you keep quite a minute please I need to finish something and I need to concentrate on this. 
indigo: what are you doing, meme? work?
meme: yes, meme is working!
indigo: why are you working?
meme: so we can buy milk for you.
indigo: di nman drink milk indi. big girl naman indi. (indi will not drink milk anymore. indi is already a big girl. 
meme: ok, but we need to buy you diapers. 
indigo: di nman diaper indi, big girl naman indi. 2 er (years) old na imdi (indi will no longer wear diaper, indi is already a big girl. indi is already 2 years old).
meme: ok then. meme needs to work so we can finally buy you the toy kitchen. 
indigo: daddy will buy it man. 
meme: i see. then we will use the money to travel. 
indigo: di man ta travel, work man daddy. (we cannot travel, daddy is working).
meme: if I will not work we don't have money to buy you clothes, toys, food, and to go to SM (mall).
indigo: ask raman imdi daddy. give ra daddy daun jud. (we will just ask money from daddy and daddy will just give us money right away). 

after that I just give up and attend to what she wants from me which is to play with her until she got distracted again and played with her cousins. 

she's very witty, opinionated at her age. 

* I've been telling her that she can't drink from her bottle anymore because she's a big girl now. she associate her bottle with her milk. 
* I've been potty training her as of late but she still wears diaper during night time. and morning time if she wants to wear diaper i've been telling her she can't because she's a big girl already, that's she's already 2 years old.

* how soon, early you talk about money to your children? 
* it's pretty obvious that my reasoning to her backfired to me in like a million times. 
* parenthood is TOUGH!!! Haha!!!

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