Daddy Moments

Today the litol bubba turns 11 months , wow, 11 months, already?

Since we are missing the tadadi I'm making this post for him with their moments together.

I'm blessed to have a DH who is very supportive and a hands-on dad. And when I say hands-on I mean he can give her a bath, changed her nappies, clothes, and even put her into sleep. Every weekend when he doesn't have work the DH will let me have extra sleep and take the little one in the park. Am I blessed or what? :)

I absolutely love tadada/tababski moment. And I can't wait for their first "real" date, where they will dine just the two of them, watched movie. Or even take her to  her school.

As my little girl grows oler she's becoming like her dad not just physically but attitude wise too, just like what I prayed for.

Here are my favourite photos of them together- my precious.

my most favourite photo of them together.

Aren't they gorgeous together?

And here's a video of their theme song.

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