Rolling in the Deep

I was telling my husband that though I like Adele's songs but I cannot stand listening to her album in one setting, that I can only be able to listen to one or two songs of her then move to Amy Winehouse, KoC, or maybe Cromeo. I don't know it just makes me sleepy while I listen to her, don't get me wrong as I said I love her, I love her voice, her song especially the lyrics but don't just let me listen to her continuously. Adele or Norah Jones are like pastel colors for me, they all make me sleepy. Am I weird?

Anyway, while wasting my time in FB my friend (aka Jhoe) posted this video in her wall and I was floored when I saw it. As in wow, that girl stole my supposed to be voice! Haha!!! Really, I was so obsessed with the child's voice that I kept hitting the reply over and over again (like 20 times) and can't stop sharing the video to you all. Really, you guys should listen to her and go judge yourself and tell me what you think.

Here's the video, Adele's Rolling in the Deep by Vasquez Sounds

Now, if you'll excuse me I'll go figure out how to bottle up her voice so I can have it, maybe Ursula can help me? Or I think I'll just pray before I sleep that my little munchkin will have her voice, she's my last hope. 

P. S.
The girl is just 10 years old and they are all siblings. Their father is a music producer and was using his music studio to record this song. They live in Mexico.

Told yah I was obsessed.

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