summer essentials: mommy edition

This heat is unbearable. It screams summer in every corner of my country. So here are my list of things that I'm wishing I have in my closet so as to beat or rather survive the heat.

A girl can never have too much swimwear, right? And that Emilio Pucci swimsuit is to die! An airy tank top, shift dress and romper are few pieces I think perfect for summer. If there's also one or maybe make it two things I really want to add on my closet right now are floral short and salt water sandal. 

Oh, I want/need a bright lipstick too. 

Whatever. I can't have one, two pieces at all. I want them ALL! 

If I keep looking at these pictures, is there a chance for them to be real and be mine? 


  1. hehehe! they all look lovely! :D wish I would have much more apparels to stuff my closet with too! I can't wait for summer to come though! That means, off with all this f-ing layers of darn garments! See yah soon!

  2. I looove your blog! You have a beautiful life. thanks for sharing!



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