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my apology for the hiatus, there's really no reason to it but my hibernation. or was it life happens? no, i think i was busy catching up my tv series

anyways, here's a peek on our life lately through four angled box. yes, you read it right i finally caved in and joined the IG bandwagon. so, if you like you can follow me.  

random noteworthy that's worth a million dollar...

*the new season of gossip girl is stressing me out. i can't wait for it to finish so i or we GG viewers can finally move on. 

*you see that right, i let my girl eat cotton candy. but with those smiles she gives me are worth it. 

*little girl and i had fun on our beach weekend two weekends ago. and can't wait to go back, we're actually pretty excited for the weekend to come because there's a sliver chance we'll go on a road trip that will surely lead us to another day at the beach. 

*my little girl's first experience at the arcade. to say she likes it is understatement. 

*lunch with my parents and bff (whose not in the photo because she took ours, obvs). 

* lastly, i had my marilyn monroe moment yo know that one when the wind blow her skirt! it's epic... at least for me. (:

happy wednesday you guys 2 more days and it's already december! crazy i know. 

linking up with the fab lady, shanna 


  1. These pictures are great! I really love that bathing suit! and your daughter is just precious :)

  2. Girl, I have had many Marilyn Monroe moments!! LOL!!! And yay for joining IG! It's so fun, right? Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Such great pictures. Be careful, Instagram is addicting!

  4. With time spent like what's shown in these pictures, nobody can blame you for taking some time off! Looks like a blast :)

  5. Love the Marilyn Monroe photo. So fun :) And your bathing suit is amazing in that first photo. Love it!

  6. cute pictures, love the green nail polish x



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