off to the beach

i know my post for today is contrary to this weeks theme over at AV but because little one and i are off to the beach so it's only fitting that i create a board base on the possibility of what i'll be wearing to the beach, right? and also, we live in different side of the world where fall and winter is alien so i can't really tell what will be my fall favourite but mostly it will be like these.

anyway, as i've said little munchkin and i are off to the beach.


did you just cry from envy? haha

so what will be my outfit? nothing grandeur, just shorts and my all time fave white v neck shirt. 

happy weekend everyone. come back next week for our beach photos. ;)

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  1. You're killing me with jealousy. Have a great trip!

    xo, Emily

  2. Have fun at the beach! Sounds like a great weekend is in store for you :)

  3. Oh you lucky lady! Love those shorts, have a blast!

  4. so very envious!! hope you had the best weekend!!
    ps. check out my giveaway -last day to enter!!



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